Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Socio-Economic Modelling

Demographics, Education, Labour Market

Date: February 1 - 3, 2005
Organizers: Joachim Frohn (Bielefeld), Bernd Meyer (Osnabrück), Carsten Stahmer (Wiesbaden)

Final Conference of the ZiF: Cooperation Group "Socio-Economic Modelling"

In the final conference, results of the work of the cooperation group were presented and discussed with invited guests. The work concentrated on the model Panta Rhei, specified by the Gesellschaft für wirtschaftliche Strukturforschung (GWS) Osnabrück, which already covered wide aspects of economic and economic-environmental areas of the German economy. During the work of the cooperation group at the ZiF, it was enlarged by the fields of demography and education as well as their implications for the labour market. The discussion centered on special aspects of outlining the demographic model, questions of integrating qualification and/or profession into the model of the labour market, problems of econometric estimation of the parameters of very large models (tens of thousands of equations!) on the basis of limited data and the appropriate specification of equations for recording consumers' behavior. The results of the work of the cooperation group will be published in the series Forum der Bundesstatistik.

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