Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Imaging NanoSpace


Opening Paper and Panel
Mario Kaiser, Torsten Mayerhauser, co-author: Sabine Maasen: Destabilizing Stabilizers
Thesis by Gabriele Werner, Jochen Hennig, Alfred Nordmann, and Chris Robinson
Practitioners' Questions and Expectations
Eric Heller
Andreas Jungbluth
Nikolaus Nestle:
'Grenzflächen' - an Exhibition
Dream Work-Imagining the Real
Otavio Bueno: Picturing What Isn't There
Jens Soentgen: Seeing Atoms, Hearing Atoms
Ann Johnson: What are We Imagining When We Simulate the Nanoscale?-Analogous Thinking in nanosimulations
Thomas W. Staley: Visual Metaphor in Maps and Models of Nanospace-Analogies, Disanalogies, and Category Mistakes
Models of Beauty
Gerburg Treusch-Dieter: Criterion Beauty-The Significance of the Imaginative Power by Making Models in the Natural Science
George Khush: The Beautiful Experiment
Envisioning the Discipline(s)
Arne Hessenbruch: Changes in the Rhetoric of Disciplinary Maps
Walter Hauser: A new Exhibition for the Deutsches Museum: "nano lab"
An Atlas of the Invisible
Johannes Lenhard: Compiling a Virtual Atlas: Simulated Images are Mapping Unknown Territory
Valerie Hanson: The 'Invisible Worlds' Trope
Social Topographies
Linda Goldenberg: Molecular Landscapes as Powerscapes-Distributed Power to Contain and Control
Andreas Lösch: Space Constitutive Images as Means of Communicating the Nanotechnological Future
Susanne Bauer: Imaging Nanospace and the 'Economy of Promises': the Case of Toxicogenomics
Ulrich Fiedeler, co-authors: Christopher Coenen, Armin Grunwald: Vision Assessment in the Field of Nanotechnology - Brain-Plugs and Submarines in Veins
Signs of Objects, Objects as Signs
Gernot Grube: When a Representation Transforms Into an Object
Kristian Hvidtfelt: The Production of Simulacra: How to Proliferate Co-Objects in NanoSpace
Constructions of Familiarity
Joachim Schummer: Making Molecules Look Like Machines
Davis Baird: On NanoMovies
Cathryne Vignone: Images as Signs: The Risks of Making Meaning Through Analogies
Paolo Martins: Will be Nano Image a Wonder Thing for a 'Illiterate of Image' People?
Crossing Scales
Pieter Vermaas: Nanoscale Pictures are Boring
Janet Vertesi: From Telescopes to STM's: Nano-Art in (Historical) Context
Adam Nieman: Human Eyes and Atomic Landscapes-The Visual Culture of Scanning Probe Microscopy
Fantastic Voyages
Jeanne Cortiel: Painting, Book and Pen: Images of Creativity in Nanotech Science Fiction
Edward Munn Sanchez: Heroic Individualism and the Nanobot: Braving the Vastness of the Small
Colin Milburn: NanoScience in Comic Books
The Instrument Reflected
Stefan Ditzen: Writing the Lord's Prayer and the Tip in History of Small Scale Manipulation
Catherine Allamel-Raffin: How Do We Give the Image its Meaning? - Analysis of Laboratory Shop Talk Around a Transmission Electron Microscope in Surface Sciences


Catherine Allamel-Raffin (Straßburg), Dario Anselmetti (Bielefeld), Davis Baird (Columbia, SC), Susanne Bauer (Graz), Thomas Bernold (Basel), Otávio Bueno (Columbia, SC), Jeanne Cortiel (Dortmund), Hans U. Danzebrink (Braunschweig), Stefan Ditzen (Berlin), Ulrich Fiedeler (Karlsruhe), Linda Goldenberg (Calgary), Gernot Grube (Berlin), Christine Hanke (Potsdam), Valerie L. Hanson (Philadelphia, PA), Walter Hauser (München), Eric Heller (Berlin), Arne Hessenbruch (Cambrigde, MA), Hans-Rudolf Hidber (Basel), Kristian Hvidtfelt Nelsen (Aarhus), Ann Johnson (Columbia, SC), Andreas Jungbluth (Heroldsberg), Andreas Junk (Oldenburg), Mario Kaiser (Basel), George Khushf (Columbia, SC), Gregor Kosbab (Darmstadt), Angela Krewani (Marburg), Wolfgang Krohn (Bielefeld), Johannes Lenhard (Bielefeld), Andreas Lösch (Darmstadt), Sebastian Lübbert (Darmstadt), Paulo Roberto Martins (Sao Paulo), Torsten Mayerhauser (Basel), Colin Milburn (Cambridge, MA), Petra Missomelius (Marburg), Nikolaus Nestle (Darmstadt), Karsten Niehaus (Bielefeld), Adam Nieman (Bristol), Sybilla Nikolow (Bielefeld), Chris Robinson (Columbia, SC), Edward Munn Sanchez (Columbia, SC), Janina Schirmer (Bielefeld), Joachim Schummer (Darmstadt), Astrid Schwarz (Darmstadt), Jens Soentgen (Augsburg), Christa Sommerer (Linz), Thomas W. Staley (Blacksburg, VA), Chris Toumey (Columbia, SC), Gerburg Treusch-Dieter (Berlin), Pieter E. Vermaas (Delft), Janet Vertesi (Ithaca, NY), Kathryn Vignone (Columbia, SC), Peter Weingart (Bielefeld), Gabriele Werner (Wien)

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