Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Copyright & Art

Aesthetical, Legal, Ontological, and Political Issues

Date: May 17 - 20, 2005
Organizers: Reinold Schmücker (Berlin/Greifswald), Eberhard Ortland (Berlin)

The interdependencies and interferences between copyright and art were discussed by legal scholars, philosophers, critical theorists, and artists. The focus was on copyright problems of contemporary art and on tensions between copyright and the freedom of artistic expression as well as between copyright claims and the public interest. Contributions analyzed the impact of copyright on artistic practices and on aesthetic theories as well as the theoretical presuppositions about the nature of art, of artistic production and about the ontological constitution of the work of art that are implied in copyright legislations and jurisdiction-the implicit aesthetic theory of the law. The workshop vigorously demonstrated the necessity and the productivity of interdisciplinary approaches that contribute to a critical reassessment of aesthetic theories in the light of intellectual property law and of copyright law in the light of recent developments in the artworld as well as in the philosophy and sociology of art.

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