Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Max Weber's "Basic Terms"

Categories of Cultural and Social Science

Date: June 1 - 3 , 2005
Organizer: Klaus Lichtblau (Wuppertal)

Max Weber's contributions to the cultural and social science are of high importance to contemporary interdisciplinary research. For sociologists he is one of the founding fathers of their discipline. Yet there has been much quarrel concerning the question as to whether or not there exists an internal unity of his different studies in cultural and social science. Within this dispute the main task of the conference was to clarify the logical status and the functions of the 'Basic Terms' of Max Weber's interpretive sociology. At first Weber's sociological approach was compared with other directions in modern sociology. In a second step the relations between Weber's sociology and other disciplines such jurisprudence, economic history and economic theory were discussed. The logical structure of Weber's basic sociological terms and the problem of translating Weber's terminology into other languages were two further major topics of the conference.

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