Center for Interdisziplinary Research

The Literary Field - A World of its own?

Interdependencies, Internal Differences and Internationalization

Date: October 20 - 22, 2005
Organizer: Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey (Bielefeld)

Under the title The literary field-a world of its own? a group of scientists, who were financed out of funds of the 'Sixth Framework Programme Priority' of the EU sponsored project ESSE (Pour un Espace des Sciences Sociales Européennes) held a convention at the ZiF from 20th to 22 th of October 2005.
Along the basic question, terms and hypotheses of the field theory of Pierre Bourdieu, the assembly attempted to grasp and evaluate tendencies of development of national literary fields in the 20th century as well as processes of internationalisation and their effects on the different literary fields. The conference was divided into three sections. In the focus of the first section stood the reciprocity of effects between national literary fields, which was exemplified by the intervention of the authors into politics. The second section was dedicated to the relationship between language-zone and national literary fields. Starting from the hypotheses, that the 20th century is marked by processes of internationalisation, which have an impact on the production and reception of literature, the third section concentrated on the generation of transnational networks of authors and the establishment of international instances of consecration.

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