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Documentaries and the Narration of Nation in the Americas

Date: November 2 - 5, 2005
Organizers: Sebastian Thies (Bielefeld), Josef Raab (Duisburg)

Organized by Assistant Professor Dr. Sebastian Thies (Hispanic Literary and Media Studies) and Prof. Dr. Josef Raab (American Studies), the Symposium ImagiNations: Documentaries and the Narration of Nation in the Americas / ImagiNaciones: El cine documental y la narración de la nación en las Americas examined recent changes in documentary filmmaking as well as the construction of national and transnational identities in documentaries from North and Latin America. Five filmmakers and over twenty scholars discussed topics ranging from documentary film as national cultural memory, to strategies of fictionalization and performance and the use of documentaries in the cultural self-definitions of marginalized groups or in political debates. The Symposium fostered the establishment of Inter-American Studies as a viable field of research

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