Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Business Ethics

Workshop of the ZiF: Network of Young Scientists

Date: December 9 - 10, 2005
Scientific Organisation: Thomas Beschorner (Oldenburg & Montréal), Alexander Brink (Bayreuth), Olaf J. Schumann (Tübingen)

The legitimacy of business activities in times of globalization is increasingly questioned by a critical society. Corruption, bad production conditions in developing countries, child labour as well as the erosion of labour rights and environment problems are merely some examples that demonstrate the need of a new - socially responsible - model of firms in a world society. Firms cannot merely maximize their profit, society is expecting somewhat more. But what does "this more" exactly mean? What kind of social responsibility can be expected from firms under the conditions of a social market system? What kind of theoretical perspectives in Economics and Management are necessary to approach this issue? Do we need a new economic theory that integrates ethical aspects in a more systematic manner? These and other questions have been discussed at the workshop on Business Ethics. In particular, the interdisciplinary and international event has dealt with three crucial issues in Business Ethics: the ethics of managers, the ethics of organizations, and the relation between business and society. The results of the Conference will be published in 2006.

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