Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Science in the Context of Application

Date: February 27 - 28, 2006
Scientific Organizers: Martin Carrier (Bielefeld), Wolfgang Krohn (Bielefeld), Alfred Nordmann (Darmstadt), Gregor Schiemann (Wuppertal), Peter Weingart (Bielefeld)

In preparation of the main research year commencing in October, participating scientists and future Fellows will discuss the proposal for the topical structure of the research process.
The sketch you see below is a basis for discussion during the preparatory conference at the ZiF.
The participants should do two things:
First, form an opinion on the matter by agreeing or disagreeing, amending or tightening the suggested process.
Second, indicate where and how your own research agenda might fit into this scheme, by filling in the particular questions and themes that might be pursued by you and that might deepen this or that step.
As for the workshop itself, we suggest that everybody gives a brief (15 minutes) presentation of his or her work relevant for the topical area of the group. Afterward we will address the two challenges listed above and respond to the preliminary scheme.
The workshop is deliberately kept unstructured. We wish to have an open exchange of views and arguments.

0 Changing conditions for the production of knowledge
I Conditions of the production of knowledge

I.a Technical (including instrumental) conditions
I.b Societal (including cultural and political) conditions
I.c Epistemic and semiotic conditions

II The quality of knowledge

Synthesis Are changes in I responsible for changes in II?

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