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ZiF: Author's Colloquium with Lars Gustafsson

Date: June 29 - July 1, 2006
Organizers: Friedmar Apel, Susanne Kaul (both Bielefeld)

Being one of the last universally-educated intellectual writers, the work of Lars Gustafsson (born 1936) still reflects the unity of literature and science. His scientific publications range from the history of ideas, aesthetics, philosophy of languages, political philosophy, history of science to contributions to linguistics and literary studies; his extensive lyrical and narrative work is characterized by his continuing academic interest. In his view, literature has always been the medium of knowledge. Not only in his capacity as a translator is he an intermediary amoung the cultures-he is a man of letters in the Goethean sense. His literary work integrates highly complex scientific concepts of all kinds with a focus on philosophy, which, however, are revealed only at closer analytical inspection. So his work may form a basis well suited for a lively and - above all - current affairs discussion about the relationship of poetry and science that does not look retrospectively and nostalgically at the 18. century.

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