Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Statistical Consulting

Date: September 13 - 15, 2006
Organizers: Göran Kauermann (Bielefeld), Claus Weihs (Dortmund)

With the start of the new information technology, statistics and the proper analysis of data has become more important. In fact, collecting data has never been easier, and everyday millions of data are collected, stored and archived, leading to a real data flooding. On the other hand, however, data treasures are usually just partly analysed or even worse only archived without any analysis. This is clearly a downside and unfortunate, given that statistics as science has never been so dynamic like in the last 10 to 20 years and statistical tools are nowadays well elaborated and computer supported. To overcome this deficit and to build the bridge between statistics and the various areas of application Statistical Consulting is becoming more and more important. Statistical Consulting in general was topic of the workshop. The different aspects of the field were thereby successively illuminated over the workshop. First, the service of Statistical Consulting within a university was focussed. This is what can be called internal consulting. Skills needed as a consultant were discussed and requirements for productive collaborative research were formulated. Experiences were exchanged and problems which led Statistical Consulting fail in research projects were exhibited. Secondly, the workshop focussed on Statistical Consulting for industry. Statisticians in industry reported about the necessity to "sell" statistics as a science and the discussion was extended to the required curriculum in statistics courses. Moreover, the demand for application driven research was pointed out by the participants coming from industry companies. Finally, the third theme of the workshop was laid on the dissemination of results on a public level. The appearance of statistics and statisticians in public media was investigated. Researchers in journalism and journalists themselves formulated a common ground of requirements necessary to have statistical results being reported correctly in media. Overall, the workshop disputed an important field in statistics in particular, and in science in general. How can successful interdisciplinary research be promoted and steered, what are the required skills for the participating scientists, how can the results be transferred to and being used in industry, and finally what is the role of the public media in the whole process.

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