Center for Interdisziplinary Research

The Medialization of Science - Trends in the Communication of Scientific Knowledge and Their Implications for Science and Society

Date: May 6 - 7, 2010

Organizers: Peter Weingart (Bielefeld), Martina Franzen (Bielefeld), Simone Rödder (Bielefeld)

In the face of media frenzies such as the recent announcement of the Eocene primate fossil IDA the question arises when and how scientific knowledge is presented in the popular media and what are, if any, the consequences of intense media attention for science. This international conference hence aimed to reflect this phenomenon from a social science perspective. Sociologists, historians, media and communication scholars as well as professional science journalists and journal editors gathered at the ZiF to discuss the results of recent studies in an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.


Franziska Badenschier (Dortmund), Martin W. Bauer (London), Martin Carrier (Bielefeld), Richard Elliott (Nottingham), Ulrike Felt (Wien), Liza Gross (San Francisco, CA), Joan Haran (Cardiff), Wolfram Horstmann (Bielefeld), Arlena Jung (Berlin), Everett Mendelsohn (Cambridge, MA), Fran Osrecki (Wien), Hans Peter Peters (Jülich), Holger Wormer (Dortmund)

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