Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Perception and Action

Date: June 23 - 26, 2010

Organizers: Wolfgang Prinz (Leipzig), Herbert Heuer (Dortmund), Peter Wolff (Osnabrück), Miriam Beisert (Leipzig), Arvid Herwig (Bielefeld)

Over the past two decades action has become a major theme of research in the behavioural, cognitive and brain sciences. Increasing interest in action and its relationships with perception, attention, memory, and volition has surfaced in parallel in a number of independent approaches like the discovery of mirror neurons in the brain, the revival of ideomotor theory, and the embodied cognition approach, just to name a few. The main goal of the international 4-day conference on perception and action was to capture the gist of what may be called the action turn in the cognitive and brain sciences. To fulfill this objective, the conference was organized around tutorials of Senior Scientists and posters of Junior Scientists. Moreover, former fellows of the ZiF Research Group on ‘Perception and Action’ (1984/85) were invited to serve as expert discussants. Despite the variety of the presented approaches and theoretical orientations which led to many inspiring and intensive discussions, these discussions tended to converge on the unifying conclusion that cognition needs to be studied with respect to action, and action needs to be studied with respect to its cognitive underpinnings.


Inke Marie Albertsen (Marseille), Lawrence W. Barsalou (Atlanta, GA), Bruce Bridgeman (Santa Cruz, CA), Carissa Brunsman Johnson (Dayton, OH), Karen Caeyenberghs (Heverlee), Caroline Catmur (London), Chason Coelho (University Park, PA), Louise Connell (Manchester), Rana Esseily (Paris), Maddalena Fabbri Destro (Parma), Thomas Goschke (Dresden), Denise de Grave (Amsterdam), Patrick Haggard (London), Mathias Hegele (Dortmund), Oliver Herbort (Würzburg), Cecilia Heyes (Oxford, UK), Bernhard Hommel (Leiden), Glyn Humphreys (Birmingham), Sabine Hunnius (Nimwegen), Christina Jäger (Leipzig), Markus Kiefer (Ulm), Daniel Kliese (Ulm), Hans Kolbe (Cuxhaven), Sally Linkenauer (Charlottesville, VA), Matthew Longo (London), Dermot Lynott (Manchester), Don MacKay (Los Angeles, CA), Dominic W. Massaro (Santa Cruz, CA), Sebastian Matôth (Amsterdam), Sasha Ondobaka (Nimwegen), Alfred Owens (Lancaster), Damien Pastor (Baltimore, MD), Nadine Pecenka (Leipzig), Marcie Penner-Wilger (Lancaster, PA), Paula Lanna Pereira da Silva (Belo Horizonte), Marcus Perlman (Santa Cruz, CA), Clare Press (London), Dennis R. Proffitt (Charlottesville, VA), Katrin Rapp (Dortmund), Giacomo Rizzolatti (Parma), David A. Rosenbaum (University Park, PA), Yves Rossetti (Bron), Andries F. Sanders (Den Haag), Daniel R. Saunders (Kingston), Stefan Scherbaum (Dresden), Wayne Shebilske (Dayton, OH), Stephanie Spengler (Leipzig), Sandra Sülzenbrück (Dortmund), Christine Sutter (Aachen), Jordan A. Taylor (Berkeley, CA), Roland Thomaschke (Würzburg), Natalie Trumpp (Ulm), Michael T. Turvey (Storrs, CT), A.H.C. van der Heijden (Leiden), Stephan A. Verschoor (Leiden), Claes von Hofsten (Uppsala), Carmen Weiss (Leipzig), Julia Yukovsky (Birmingham)

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