Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Early Literacy under the Focus of Language and Cognitive Development

Date: March 22 - 23, 2012

Convenors: Katharina J. Rohlfing (Bielefeld), Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer (Tübingen), Jörg Meibauer (Mainz), Kerstin Nachtigäller (Bielefeld)

What happens when picture books are read to young children? This situation is common for a family in Western culture, yet we have little answers to this question. The research presented at the workshop shows that in this situation, a child learns a lot that is of benefit for further development; 'Early Literacy'-a term that has been chosen for the workshop-encompasses capabilities such as verbal literacy, visual and literary literacy. The understanding of the developmental processes requires insights from different disciplines such as Linguistics, Literature Studies and Developmental Psychology. Thus, at the ZiF workshop, 17 international experts came together to discuss the value of the Input during picture book reading as well as the value of the adaptation to cognitive and linguistic capabilities of children that the children literature bears. The two aspects were considered in light of cognitive processes that are triggered during picture book reading enhancing children`s language learning. From the workshop, we learned that parents establish routines during picture book reading, which-in turn-make it possible for a child to participate and to label depicted objects and actions. Children learn not only from a variety of picture books but most importantly from repetitions of the stories. These recurrent communication structures seem to support language learning. What learning processes are supported by these structures and whether all children can benefit from this kind of situation are future research questions that will definitely provide more insights into early situated learning.


Chiara Barachetti | Verona | ITA, Ingrid Barkow | Ludwigsburg | DEU, Tabea Becker | Münster | DEU, Pamela Blewitt | Villanova, PA | USA, Emanuela Campisi | Nimwegen | NLD, Brigitte Caroli | Bielefeld | DEU, Katrin Dammann-Thedens | Lüneburg | DEU, Annette de Bruijn | Maastricht | NLD, Melanie Eckel | Heeßen | DEU, Alexis Feldmeier | Münster | DEU, Silke Fischer | Bielefeld | DEU, Sabine Frevert | Gütersloh | DEU, Patricia Ganea | Toronto | CAN, Almud Gembus | Weingarten | DEU, Susanne Grassmann | Groningen | NLD, Eva Gressnich | Mainz | DEU, Petra Gretsch | Freiburg i.Br. | DEU, Angela Grimminger | Bielefeld | DEU, Jessica Horst | Sussex | GBR, Nilguen Isfendiyar | Bielefeld | DEU, Kai Kauffmann | Bielefeld | DEU, Gunther Kress | London | GBR, Lisa Marie Lenhard | Oberhausen | DEU, Beate Lingnau | Bielefeld | DEU, Birgit May | Bielefeld | DEU, Claudia Müller | Dortmund | DEU, Sven Nickel | Berlin | DEU, Maria Nikolajeva | Cambridge | GBR, Iris Nomikou | Bielefeld | DEU, Uta Quasthoff | Dortmund | DEU, Marie Luise Rau | Rüsselsheim | DEU, Elaine Reese | Dunedin | NZL, Martina Schüler | Bielefeld| DEU, Jutta Segbers | Bielefeld | DEU, Linda Stark | Mainz | DEU, Nina Theka | Hanau | DEU, Inge Verouden | Maastricht | NLD, Friederike von Lehmden | Bielefeld | DEU, Constanze Weth | Freiburg i.Br. | DEU, Petra Wieler | Berlin | DEU

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