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Remembering in Context: Social, Cognitive, Linguistic and Material Aspects of Memory

Date: June 14 - 16, 2012

Convenors: Lucas M. Bietti (Essen/Amsterdam), Charles B. Stone (Louvain-La-Neuve), William Hirst (New York)

Remembering often occurs in social groups (e.g., partners, friends, family members). The act of sharing memories with others is one of the most common ways to create, maintain and negotiate human relationships. Remembering in social groups is situated, goal-oriented and, as expected (due to the influence exerted by the previous two features) involves the interplay of our brains, bodies, and the immediate physical and social environment. The aim of this workshop was to integrate our understanding of the discursive and pragmatic nature of remembering with the cognitive processes that enable the synchronization of individual and shared memories with the social and material environment in which they are communicated. In order to accomplish this aim, we brought together diverse perspectives in memory and communication research, from neuro and cognitive and social psychologists to cognitive linguists, computer scientists and sociologists.
The wide spectrum of disciplines that were represented by the invited speakers created outstanding academic conditions for the debate of issues concerning the conversational, embodied, distributed and neurological nature of remembering in normal and clinical populations. Such interdisciplinary settings enabled the participants to engage in rich and very stimulating debates that are rarely seen in events of this kind. A broad variety of methodological approaches were presented in the workshop, from fMRI studies and sophisticated conversational approaches in cognitive and social psychology in natural and experimental settings to multimodal approaches which deal with the embodiment and materiality of personal and shared memories in dance, gesture, body posture and technological devices. In doing so, the workshop has served as a showcase which brought together the state of the art developments in memory research in methodological terms.


Gerhard Böck | Ichenhausen | DEU, Steven Brown | Leicester | GBR, Alan Cienk | Amsterdam | NLD, Sina Emde | Berlin | DEU, Christian Gudehus | Flensburg | DEU, Celia Harris | Sydney | AUS, Andrew Hoskins | Glasgow | GBR, Sabine Koch | Heidelberg | DEU, Anna Kuhlen | Berlin | DEU, Hans J. Markowitsch | Bielefeld | DEU, Irene Mittelberg | Aachen | DEU, Kyoko Murakami | Bath | GBR, Paula Reavey | London | GBR, Victoria K. Sakti | Berlin | DEU, Chris Sinha | Lund | SWE, Michaela Summa | Heidelberg | DEU, Elise von den Hoven | Eindhoven | NLD

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