Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Bioeconomies of Reproduction - Historische und anthropologische Analysen eines Beziehungsgefüges 1750-2010

Date: June 13 - 16, 2012

Convenors: Axel Hüntelmann (Bielefeld), Michi Knecht (Berlin), Martina Schlünder (Gießen)

In June 2012, an international group of 27 historians of science, medicine, economy and technology and diverse social scientists of the contemporary from Europe, North America and Australia came together at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Bielefeld to discuss 'Bioeconomies of Reproduction'. Both the concept of 'economy' and that of 'reproduction' emerged around 1850 and were closely related from the beginning. However, their intertwined histories and genealogies have so far never been told and traced. The interdisciplinary working group set itself the goals to start to fill this lacuna and to strengthen the perspective of a 'relational' history of the changing configurations of 'economy-life-reproduction'. Ethnographic and historiographic case studies explored practices of and conflicts about the commodification of children, gametes and stem cells and interrogated changing temporalities, transformations in human-animal relations and shifting notions of copy, creation, replication and growth. The working group also experimented with unusual forms of interdisciplinarity-for example, a temporary 'thought collective' acting as a commentator's 'chorus' and different ways of collaboratively visualizing results. The working group succeeded in enriching and complicating the notions of economy and reproduction by reconstructing transfers and mobilities, divisions and interrelationships between them. A publication that will try to preserve the interdisciplinary spirit is planned.


Caroline Arni | Basel | CHE, Kristin Asdal | Oslo | NOR, Beat Bächi | Bern | CHE, Sandra Bärnreuther | Heidelberg | DEU, Susanne Bauer | Frankfurt am Main | DEU, Christina Benninghaus | Cambridge | GBR, Sven Bergmann | Berlin | DEU, Aditya Bharadwaj | Edinburgh | GBR, Sarah Blacker | Berlin | DEU, Bettina Bock von Wülfingen | Berlin | DEU, Melinda Cooper |Sydney | AUS, Sarah Dionisius | Frankfurt am Main | DEU, Heidi Fjeld | Oslo | NOR, Kristin Engh Førde | Oslo | NOR, Michael Fortun | Troy, NY | USA, Sarah Franklin |Cambridge | GBR, Ludmilla Jordanova | London | GBR, Antje Kampf | Mainz | DEU, Adam Lawrence | Berlin | DEU, Thomas Lemke | Frankfurt am Main | DEU, Susanne Lettow | Berlin | DEU, Anne Helene Kveim Lie | Oslo | NOR, Harro Maas |Utrecht | NLD, Peter Moser | Bern |CHE, Staffan Müller-Wille |Berlin | DEU, Michelle Murphy | Toronto | CAN, Barbara Orland | Basel |CHE, Jin-Kyung Park | Toronto | CAN, Joanna Radin | Philadelphia, PA | USA, Katja Sander | Berlin | DEU, Margaret Schabas | Vancouver | CAN, Shahanah Schmid | Egham | GBR, Skuli Sigursson | Berlin | DEU, Bert Theunissen | Utrecht | NLD, Charis Thompson | Berkeley, CA | USA, David Tyfield | Lancaster | GBR, Ayo Wahlberg |Kopenhagen | DNK

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