Center for Interdisziplinary Research

European Memory?

Date: December 5 - 8, 2012

Convenor: Gregor Feindt (Bonn), Félix Krawatzek (Oxford), Daniela Mehler (Jena), Friedemann Pestel (Freiburg i.Br.) and Rieke Schäfer (Hamburg)

The workshop continued the dialogue between theoretical and empirical investigations of "European Memory?", launched at the ZiF in 2011. Rather than understanding "European Memory" as a normative ideal or an empirical concept, this approach perceives "European Memory" as a discursive reality of which academic discourse is an integral part. Enquiring into the entangledness of memory in present and past, the discussions were focused on case studies in broad synchronic and diachronic perspective. Reaching from Charlemagne to Srebrenica, these examples demonstrated the polyphony and multilayeredness of "European memory", beyond harmonic narratives often acclaimed in public debates. Preparing an edited volume, this workshop also gave room for exploring the results of the case studies towards a meta-comparison, in order to determine the semantic patterns of the "European" in acts of memory.


Oliver Dimbath (Augsburg, GER), Simon Hadler (Wien, AUT), Helmut König (Aachen, GER), Marcin Napiórkowski (Warschau, POL), Klaus Oschema (Heidelberg, GER), Roland Scheel (Frankfurt am Main, GER), Harald Wydra (Cambridge, GBR)

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