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ZiF Workshop

Comparative Perspectives on the Governance of Global Illegal Markets

Date: 30 - 31 October 2015

Convenor: Anja Jakobi (London, GBR)

This international workshop was dedicated to explore the internal and external governance of global illegal markets. Participants presented their theoretical and empirical analyses of illegal markets in four panels. The first session explored the regulatory environment of illegal markets, why state and non-state actors are involved in governance, and which entities are or should be responsible for engaging against illegal market exchange. In a second session, the papers analysed illegal market exchanges in different world regions, exploring the role of market participants and regional market structures. In the third session, presentations focussed on some often neglected actors in the governance of illegal markets, namely military actors in conflict zones and accountants in business environments. The final slot of presentations shed light on the role of illegal financial exchange and security, analysing IS financing through antiquities as well as the link between sanctions and evasions. The workshop provided a forum to exchange about related policy challenges, convening members of think tanks as well as of international organizations. The debate across countries and communities proved to be highly valuable, and the conference will serve as a starting point for an international research network on the global governance of illegal markets.


Thomas J. Biersteker (Genf, SUI), InÍs Sofia de Oliveira (London, GBR), Lena Diesing (Paris, FRA), Nina M. Engwicht (Landau, GER), Cornelius Friesendorf (Frankfurt am Main, GER), Richard Friman (Milwaukee, USA), Annette Idler (Oxford, GBR), Ingmar Lippert (Kopenhagen, DEN), Johannes Paha (GieŖen, GER), Judith Vorrath (Berlin, GER), David S. Wall (Leeds, GBR)

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