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ZiF Workshop

Violent Conflictitions
Armed conflicts and competition for attention and legitimacy

Date: 2 - 4 June 2016

Convenors: Teresa Koloma Beck (Berlin, GER), Tobias Werron (Bonn, GER)

Since the 19th century the ideal of non-violence has been widely institutionalized as a global norm in international politics. This has obviously not led to the disappearance of violence. It has, however, changed the conditions for the reproduction of violent conflicts: On the one hand, the global norm of non-violence allows de-legitimizing (criticizing, scandalizing) any kind of violence; on the other hand, it also encourages the deliberate use of violence in order to draw global attention to a conflict party?s cause. We refer to this entanglement of local conflicts with global competition for attention and legitimacy as violent conflictition. The working group brought together experts from various fields to discuss the complex prerequisites and consequences of such constellations.


Mehdi Azari (Nürnberg, GER), Daniel Esser (Washington, USA), Daniel Gerster (Münster, GER), Julian Go (Boston, USA), Dinah Griego (Santa Barbara, USA), Lukas Guttek (Wien, AUT), Monika Krause (London, GBR), Stephan Malthaner (Hamburg, GER), Stephan Stetter (Neubiberg, GER), Richard Stupart (Cape Town, RSA), Lisa Tschörner (Bremen, GER), Cate Turk (South Freemantle, AUS), Alex Veit (Bremen, GER), Florian Weigand (London, GBR)

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