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You can obtain information about ZiF-activities once a month per email.

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  1. Please click on the link above to subscribe to the ZiF-Newsletter.

  2. Next you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your subscription simply by returning this mail to the system.

  3. You will then receive a mail confirming that you have now been added to our email distribution list.

In case of questions please send a mail to zif-newsletter-owner@lists.uni-bielefeld.de.

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To unsubscribe from the ZiF-Newsletter, please click on the link above or send an email to zif-newsletter-unsubscribe@lists.uni-bielefeld.de. Important: As the sender of that mail, you have to use the address with which you appear on the mailing list. The confirmation procedure is identical to that of subscribing to the newsletter.

You may also sign in, sign out or change basic settings on the log-in page of the mailing list. (Switch to English in the upper right corner.)