Multi-Scale Phenomena: The Simulation of Complex Systems on Massively Parallel Computers

Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung (ZiF) of the Universität Bielefeld .

Conferences, Workshops and Schools:

  • 30 September -- 4 October 1996
    International Conference on

    Multi Scale Phenomena and their Simulation on Massively Parallel Computers


    F. Karsch (Bielefeld), B. Monien (Paderborn) and H. Satz (Bielefeld)

  • 10 February -- 22 February 1997
    Workshops on

    Algorithms for Large Scale Simulations on Parallel Computers


    F. Karsch B. Monien and E. Laermann

  • 24 February -- 8 March 1997
    Post-Graduate School on

    The Analysis of Hot and Dense Matter


    H. Satz

  • April 7--11 1997
    Workshop on

    Fuzzy Logic, Control Theory and Neural Networks


    F. Karsch and I.O Stamatescu

  • 30 July -- 1 August 1997
    2nd German--Japanese Workshop on

    The simulation of quantum field theory on massively parallel computers


    K. Kanaya and A. Nakamura

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