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[06/23]A large collection of photos from the year is online.

[03/10]Titles and Abstracts of the first publication and the structure of the concluding conference are online. des FG-Bandes sowie eine erste vorläufige Struktur der Abschlusstagung in den Bereich "Organisatorisches" gestellt.

[11/24] The updated outline of Volume I is online - as is the schedule with the new dates.

[11/22] The program for the internal workshop in January is online.

[11/08] The manuscript of the radio feature on the Group (broadcast last Wednesday) can be downloaded from the WDR-homepage.

[10/27] The provisional outline of the first volume from the Conceptual Issues group can now be downloaded as ppt-file. It is available in the Organizational section.

[10/04] I have uploaded a schedule of the work in the coming months which will constantly be updated. It is available in the Organizational section.

[09/16] Next Wednesday at 5 pm Margot Lyon will give a report on the ISRE-conference and the core issues discussed there.

[09/06] The guided tour through the Rubens-exhibition in Braunschweig has now been booked and confirmed for October 7, 4.30 p.m. - we're now planning the journey and in order to do so I need information on who will join the trip.
I will also raise this topic on our meeting on Wednesday at 10 a.m. instead of 5 p.m.
We have received a CD with a recording of a four-part radio series on emotions done by Mrs. Fischer with some interview material from our Opening Conference.

[08/13] The article on the RG by Mrs. Kuntz-Brunner has now been published in the Tagesspiegel and can also be read online (in German only).
Moreover, the photos from the open studio have arrived and can be viewed. But bring a little time - there are more than 300 pictures!

[07/15] There's a group picture of the participants (taken by Eunice Gonzalez) on the Workshop page now.

[07/13] The (preliminary) summary of questions and comments at the workshop is online in the literature section.

[06/29] As there were a couple of requests concerning the Workshop program, I have uploaded it in the events section.

[06/04] Sighard Neckel's paper on envy and rage is available for download in the literature section.

[05/28] The next plenary meeting of the Group will take place on Wednesday June 2 at 2 p.m., the small groups meet Wednesday morning (Shame/Pride & Communicators) or Tuesday afternoon (Conc. Issues). On Thursday June 3, the sociologist Sighard Neckel will give a talk at 10 a.m.
We have received a CD with a recording of a one-hour radio show about the Group (done by Mrs. Mayer who did a couple of interviews at the Opening Conference). It will be available in the library for private use.

[05/18] The working groups have been established as follows:

The next plenary meeting will take place on Thu, May 27 at 2 p.m.!

[05/06] I have uploaded a schedule of fixed dates the Group has agreed upon.

[04/28] The article by Scheff on Shame is online in the literature section.
DeSousa's Article that Achim Stephan refers to is online.

[04/27]Pictures from the Director's Reception are online in the public section.

[04/20] Alf Lüdtke has composed some notes on "culture", which can be downloaded from the Literature for Discussion.
The summary of our afternoon session on April 14 is online. I will upload the other papers to the Organisational Material page as soon as I get them.

[04/06] The (German) paper "Emotion als Kategorie" by Eva-Maria Engelen can be downloaded from the Literature for Discussion.

[04/01] The minutes of the meeting on March 31 and Manfred Holodynski's PowerPoint slides are available for download now. As the original PowerPoint-file is extremely big (20 MB!) because of the embedded pictures, I have made a second version without the pictures (but containing the diagrams) that is only about 4 MB in size. Both versions also contain the manuscript of the talk.
[Minutes]    [PowerPoint complete (ca. 20 MB!)]   [PowerPoint without pictures]

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