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Libia Villazana

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Biographical Note

Libia Villazana obtained her BA (Honrs) in Media and Communications from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela. She received her doctoral degree in Film Studies at the University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol on the economics and ideologies of international film co-productions across continents. Her doctorate research comprises of a written theoretical component and a piece of theorised practice - a 46mns documentary film. The thesis explores the unfolding cause and effect mechanisms of international film co-production, through a theoretical framework that draws on postcolonial theory and political philosophy. Libia has taught since 2004 at UWE on a variety of subjects, including Film History, Film Cultures, Media Representations, and Latin American Cultures.

Research Interests

Libia is currently working on the pre-production of her next documentary, which intends to portray the everyday life of selected Latin American immigration communities in London.

Contribution to the Research Group

Libia's research contribution to the interdisciplinary project E Pluribus Unum? is twofold. First and on a more theoretical level, it focuses on the study of the impact of the 'transnational Latin American subject' and its cultural capital on the capital of London. Whereby cultural events organised by immigrant communities serve to empower such communities, making the power relationship, at least partially and temporarily, between the dominant and the subaltern topsy turvy. As the Director of Carnaval del Pueblo, the largest event of its kind in London, states "on that day, we attempt to adapt 'the other' to our culture; we teach them to dance salsa, to eat our food, and to taste or culture." The findings of this research will aim to produce a substantial essay for publication in one of the edited books of the Research Group. The second contribution is rather pragmatic, it centres on participating on the organisation of phase II of the year-long project E Pluribus Unum? This also includes the organisation, together with other fellows, of one workshop entitled Ethnicities Under (Visual) Construction: Workshop on Communication Analysis; one international conference, Mediating Ethnicity: Ethnic Filmmaking and Film Politics in the Globalizing Market, amongst other complementary activities.

Relevant Publications:

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