Andrew Collins, Dr.

Northumbria University
Email: andrew.collins@northumbria.ac.uk

Fellow der Forschungsgruppe

Research Interests

Andrew’s research interests are the theoretical, methodological and policy aspects of disaster reduction, health ecology, sustainable development, and human security. This engages interlinked issues of environment and society, population displacement, risk, governance, education, environmental and disaster management. He has applied this more focally to health, disease and community based strategies. He led the establishment of the world’s first disaster management and sustainable development postgraduate programme launched in 2000, and the Disaster and Development Centre (DDC) launched in 2004. He currently supervises a community of PhD students spanning the disaster and development field. The DDC has been active in more than 20 countries throughout the world including the UK. It focuses on issues involving links between disaster and development through research, teaching and learning. This requires addressing hazards, disasters and complex emergencies in an interdisciplinary manner, interacting with civil societal and institutional perspectives. Research is complimented by initiatives for capacity building, community health, advocacy, and integrated emergency preparedness and response. An overall objective is to facilitate resilience to, and wellbeing from, disaster or development at multiple levels. Andrew’s orientation in this field includes early exposure to the Middle East conflict, extended voluntary service in wartime Mozambique and international engagements with development and disaster reduction thereafter, also being influenced by the ways of the Society of Friends (Quakers).

Higher Education

PhD (King’s College, London), BSc (First Class Hons) (Kingston), PgC (Northumbria)

Main Employment and Education Periods

2007-Present Reader (Disaster and Development), School of Applied Sciences
2009-2012 Director of the Disaster and Development Centre
2001-2007 Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Development, Northumbria University
2000-2003 Leader, Postgraduate Programme in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development, Northumbria University
1997-2001 Lecturer in Sustainable Development, Northumbria University
1998-Present Consultant to international development or disaster reduction projects and programmes for International Organisations (IOs), Governments (GOs), and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) including DFID, Trocaire, World Bank, USAID, FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, Governments of Mozambique, East Timor, and Ghana, Stockholm Environment Institute, Care, World Vision, Save the Children, Agema, Agha Khan, Water Aid, GTZ, Mediae Trust, IFRC, Practical Action, Wageningen International, EuropeAid and others.
1997-1998 PgC University Teaching and Learning, Northumbria University
1996-1997 Sussex University - Lecturer in Human Geography
1992-1996 PhD - King’s College, London University. Subject: Environment, Health and Population Displacement – Holder of ESRC Scholarship R00429234054
1989-1992 BSc (Hons) Geography, University of Kingston
1986-1989 Government of Mozambique and Skillshare Africa - Surveyor, Fundraiser, Emergency Planner
1983-1986 Woodrow Pewter Land Surveys
1976-1983 i) Voluntary work in Southern Europe, ii) Geosurvey International (Aerial Mapping of Africa, UK and Middle East (77 - 79), iii) Extended voluntary work engagements (Middle East) iii) Other short term UK employment and training.

Recent relevant publications (selection)

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