Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Ilkka Arminen, Prof. Dr.

University of Tampere

Fellow der Forschungsgruppe


Academic Career

Current position Director, Network for Higher Education and Innovation Research, HEINE University of Helsinki
2007-2010 Professor (Sociology), University of Tampere
2007 Adjunct professor of Studies on Interactive Technologies, [Docent] The University of Art and Design, Helsinki
2006-2007 Senior Scientist (Academy of Finland), University of Tampere, Center of Advanced Studies
2001-2006 Professor (Sociology), University of Tampere
2001 Postdoc, Department of Sociology (Academy of Finland)
2000 Adjunct professor of Sociology, [Docent] University of Helsinki
1999-2000 Professor (Sociology), University of Helsinki
1997-1999 Principal researcher, The Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies, Helsinki

International Affiliations

Recent relevant publications (selection)

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