Monika Büscher, Dr.

Lancaster University
Email: m.buscher@lancaster.ac.uk

Fellow der Forschungsgruppe

Biographical Note

I am Senior lecturer in the Centre for Mobilities Research at the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University and Director of the mobilities.lab, where my colleagues and I carry out experimental sociological research into socio-technical change, using mobile methods. This means we work with practitioners, members of the public, designers and policy-makers on opportunities and challenges in areas such as transport, communication, and security. We engage stakeholders and interdisciplinary teams of researchers in a collaborative research process. I am particularly interested in how ways of being human, everyday social practices and social and political relationships change in interaction with new technologies, such as mobile phones, locative media, databases and geographical positioning systems (GPS). My approach is ethnomethodological, ethnographic, and experimental, and often part of socio-technical innovation projects.

Research Interests

Relevant Research Projects

Bridge: Bridging resources and agencies in large-scale emergency. EU FP7 SEC-2010.4.2-1 Theme: Interoperability of data, systems, tools and equipment

Selected Relevant Publications

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