Volker Wulf, Prof. Dr.

Universität Siegen
Email: volker.wulf@uni-siegen.de

Organisation der Forschungsgruppe


Volker Wulf is a professor in Information Systems and the director of the Media Research Institute at the University of Siegen. At Fraunhofer FIT, he heads the research group User-centred Software-Engineering (USE). He is also a founding member of the International Institute for Socio-Informatics (IISI), Bonn. As a visiting scholar, he spent time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Michigan, and at Stanford University.

His research interests lie primarily in the area of Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Knowledge Management, Computer Supported Cooperative Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Participatory Design, and Ubiquitous Computing. He published more than 200 papers and edited 14 books among which „Expertise Sharing: Beyond Knowledge Management“ and „Social Capital and Information Technology“ both with MIT Press Cambridge MA and „End User Development“ with Springer Dordrecht are probably best known.

Recently he has developed a strong research interest in security-related issues such as navigation practices of fire fighter or the handling of break-downs in electricity networks.

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