Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Geoffrey F. Woodman

Vanderbilt University, Department of Psychology, Wilson Hall, Nashville, TN 37240, USA

Fellow of the ZiF research group "Competition and Priority Control in Mind and Brain: New Perspectives from Task-Driven Vision"


Dr. Woodman graduated at the University of Iowa, where he also received his PhD in Psychology in 2002. He was then post-doctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University where he was appointed to Associate Professor of Psychology in 2007. Dr. Woodman received the Young Investigator Award from the Vision Sciences Society in 2012.

Current Main Research Interests

Dr. Woodman's research investigates how our brains selectively process information. This includes projects focused on understanding the information derived during different stages of processing, the impact of perceptual selection on subsequent cognitive processes, how information is stored and maintained in working memory, the nature of interactions between working memory representations and attentional selection. This research uses a variety of techniques including psychophysics, eye tracking , EEG and ERP recordings from humans and monkeys, single- and multi-unit recordings, measurements of local-field potentials, as well as neuroimaging techniques.

Five selected publications with particular relevance to the ZiF Research Group

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