Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Kristin Voigt

McGill University, Department of Philosophy and Institute for Health and Social Policy, Montreal, Canada

Fellow of the ZiF research group "Normative Aspects of Public Health"

Scientific Career

Kristin Voigt is an Assistant Professor at McGill University, Montreal (Canada), jointly appointed in the Department of Philosophy and the Institute for Health and Social Policy. She received her DPhil in political philosophy from the University of Oxford in 2008, where she completed a dissertation on luck egalitarianism. From 2007-08, she worked as an Assistant Professor at the European College of Liberal Arts (now ECLA-Bard) in Berlin. Subsequently, she held research positions at Harvard University's Program in Ethics and Health (2008-10), Lancaster University, UK (2010-11) and McGill University (2011-12), before becoming a faculty member at McGill in 2012.

Research Areas

Publications (selection)

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