Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Funding and Support

Research Groups

Research Groups aim at a long term interdisciplinary collaboration. They provide the frame in which scholars from various disciplines work together on a broader research theme. For an extended time, generally one year, they work and live at the ZiF.

Cooperation Groups

Cooperation Groups are a relatively new working format. They mainly address interdisciplinary research co-operations – already existing or still at the planning stage – that frequently develop in connection with special research institutes, research groups or graduate schools. Cooperation Groups are intended to offer such collaborative projects the opportunity of inviting visiting scientists to do research at the ZiF for a moderate period of time (three weeks up to six months).


Workshops serve the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas on a short-term basis. They range from colloquia on specific questions which assemble smaller circles of experts from neighboring disciplines to larger-scale conferences which discuss the state of the art in a particular interdisciplinary field. The number of participants may range between ten and eighty.

Summer Schools

Summer Schools are intended to offer selected young researchers (PhD candidates and postdocs) new insights that are important to the future development of a research field. Summer Schools intensify contacts among leading experts and young researchers and serve to create international and interdisciplinary networks.

Young Researchers

The ZiF advances innovative and novel research projects. Therefore we welcome the ideas and participation of young scientists in a special way.

External Events

In principle, it is possible to book the ZiF-facilities for events not organized by the ZiF. However, it has to be kept in mind that ZiF-activities have absolute priority and must not be disturbed in any way by third-party events. There are different booking regulations for members of Bielefeld University who wish to use the ZiF-facilities for scientific purposes as well as for externals, i. e. people not directly related to Bielefeld University. The latter applies also to members of the University who want to use ZiF-facilities for privately organized events.

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