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Zeitskulptur X

May 11, 2003 - May 2004

Artist: Peter Sommer (Bielefeld)

Zeitskulptur X (translates into "temporary sculpture" but could also be interpreted as "sculpture of time") comprises the works Wasserreservoir ("water reservoir") and Schalenweg ("way of bowls"). It will be on display in front of the ZiF until May 2004:

The 21 terracotta bowls are filled to different levels with water at the beginning. They are intended to collect everything nature and humans accord to them over the course of one year.
The funnel is filled to the brim with water. The water level will constantly change over time due to evaporation and rain, a process that is going to be documented on the panes by water marks. Icing can be observed in winter, the ice might even break the glass.
[Schalenweg am 20.05.03]Date: 05/20/03 [Wasserreservoir am 20.5.03]Date: 05/20/03
[Schalenweg am 23.6.03]Date: 06/23/03 [Wasserreservoir am 23.6.03]Date: 06/23/03
[Schalenweg am 21.7.03]Date: 07/21/03 [Wasserreservoir am 21.7.03]Date: 07/21/03
[Schalenweg am 25.8.03]Date: 08/25/03 [Wasserreservoir am 25.8.03]Date: 08/25/03
[Schalenweg am 22.9.03]Date: 09/22/03 [Wasserreservoir am 22.9.03]Date: 09/22/03
[Schalenweg am 20.10.03]Date: 10/20/03 [Wasserreservoir am 20.10.03]Date: 10/20/03
[Schalenweg am 19.11.03]Date: 11/27/03 [Wasserreservoir am 20.10.03]Date: 11/27/03
[Schalenweg am 29.01.04]Date: 01/29/04 [Wasserreservoir am 29.01.04]Date: 01/29/04

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