Kunst am ZiF

Vernissage "Sag Nein"

Date: December 14, 2003, 11:30 a.m.
Artist: Wolfgang Brenner (Borchen)

From December 14, 2003 to January 10, 2004, the ZiF houses an exhibition of collages and assemblages by the artist Wolfgang Brenner entitled "Sag nein" (say no).

Wolfgang Brenner
           Wolfgang Brenner at the vernissage
Schwingen der Zeit
"Schwingen der Zeit", 120x140, assemblage on wood, 2001

Large and middle-sized collages will be on display, in which seemingly familiar things form a symbiosys full of lightness with the strange.
Wolfgang Brenner draws, writes, paints, sets signs, mounts, arranges, finds stuff, leaves traces. He experiments, but still follows traditional aesthetic styles and thus sketches out his own artistic language. He materializes his experiences of this world as well as of his own surreal imagination. Those materializations contain all sorts of contradictions: the realistic as well as the poetic, the earnest and the cheerful, philosophic and ordinary, the transient and the seemingly timeless, meaningful as well as banal things.
To explore the works of Wolfgang Brenner means starting an aesthetic journey, it means experimenting with thoughts and imaginary pictures, to try out interpretations as well as just leave uninterpretable things standing as themselves.

The freelancing artist Wolfgang Brenner (47) works and lives near Paderborn. His works have been shown in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Last year he held a six month scholarship in the "Künstlerstadt Schwalenberg". Wolfgang Brenner undertook many study trips to all parts of the world, mainly to Asia. Two catalogues from 2002 and one from this year are available.

Say Yes (Detail)
      "Say Yes" (Detail), 200x200, collage on canvas, 2003
'ohne Titel' und 'Halte die Schnur'
left: o.T., 70x100, collage on canvas, 2002
right: "Halte die Schnur", 70x100, assemblage on canvas, 2002

More information on the artist and his work can be found on his homepage.

Photos: Sarah Rawna Schuchard