ZiF Art

Terracotta Busts

Vernissage: October 29, 11:30
Exhibition: October 29 - November 26, 2006
Artist: Isolde Frepoli (Schlangen)

Isabella, terracotta

Jona, terracotta

Isolde Frepoli's terracotta statues show busts in their classical sense. Her work is inspired both by living models and ethnological pictures.In the case of busts created according to living models, individual characteristics are given priority; the attention is directed to typical features when looking at portraits of people from foreign traditional cultures and countries. Studying these works the spectator is faced with enigmatic beings that seem to mirror her/his inquiring look.

Isolde Frepoli grew up in Italy and moved to Germany after her high school graduation. She studied sculpting and has been working free-lance since 1990, she taught at Bielefeld University summer 2005.