ZiF Art

Why paint it, if I may just as well take a photo?

Paintings 2000 - 2006

Vernissage: December 3, 11:30
Exhibition: December 3 - 29, 2006
Artist: Axel Dürr (Bielefeld)

Glücklicher Mann
Glücklicher Mann, acryl on canvas, 2002

The objects on display gave an incomplete overview of the work created during the past few years. What they had in common was an almost absolute absence of color in favor of black and white.

All works dealt with the relationship between photography and painting - either as large-sized portraits or as small format landscapes.

Grenze 3
Grenze 3, oil on paper on canvas, 2005
Il parco 15
Il parco 15, oil on paper on canvas, 2006