ZiF Art

Family Pieces

Vernissage: March 25, 11:30
Ausstellung: March 25 - April 20, 2007
Finissage: April 20, 18:30
Artist: Katja Sandler-Wedekind (Bordeaux)
In the context of the ZiF Workshop Fatherhood in Late Modernity. Cultural Images, Social Practices, Structural Frames

The ZiF presented the work of the painter Katja Sandler-Wedekind. Vernissage of the exhibition called 'family pieces' was on March 25, 2007 at 11:30am and finissage on April 20, 2007 on 6:30pm. 'Family pieces' accompanied a conference on 'Fatherhood in late modernity', organized at the ZiF from April 17 - 21, 2007 by Prof. Mechtild Oechsle and Prof. Ursula Müller.

Katja Sandler-Wedekind, who studied painting portraits in London and is now working free-lance in France, pictures family situations by means of figurative oil paintings, dealing with the subject of emotional interaction within family structures. These interpretations lead the viewer into a world of family stories - either lived or not lived.

Der Trommler
Der Trommler, Oil on Wood,
100 x 80 cm, 2006
Der Oberst
Der Oberst, Oil on Wood,
70 x1 00 cm, 2006