ZiF Art

Parallel zur Natur

Vernissage: May 18, 11:30
Exhibition: May 18 - June 13, 2008
Artist: Wolfgang Heuwinkel (Bergisch Gladbach)

From May 18 to June 13 paper art by Wolfgang Heuwinkel was shown in the foyer of the main building. Wolfgang Heuwinkel who is well-known for his painting in watercolors also presented 'installations' that provide the Zeitskulptur XV on display in the ZiF front yard till May 2009.

Anfang und Ende
Anfang und Ende, Farbtransfer/Typographie

None of the artists that the term 'paper art' was coined for, engaged as much with the raw material of paper as W. Heuwinkel. Thus his work deserves a special attention.
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Becker, Aachen, 2003

Große Skulptur
Große Skulptur, Farbtransfer in Zellstoff-Bahn