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The Art of Graphics

Vernissage: November 9, 11:30
Exhibition: November 9 - December 19, 2008
Artist: Anna Sobol and Stanisław Wejman (both Krakau)

Anna Sobol and Stanislaw Wejman, two artists from Cracow, combine in their work artistic intuition and the creation of forms with an amazing ability to make use of all technical possibilities, i.e. the creative process arises from the fascination of the graphic medium and vice versa.

In her large sheets, Anna Sobol tells about personal experiences. Numerous exhibitions have made her work widely-known in a number of countries.

Poprawianie świata/Improving the World
Poprawianie świata/Improving the World,
65 x 50 cm, Anna Sobol-Wejman, 2000
Super Sam
Super Sam, 50 x 48 cm, Anna Sobol-Wejman, 1996

Stanislaw Wejman, who holds a professorship in Cracow, creates artwork almost surrealist in character. In his pictures, surprising and - quite often - grotesque scenes come alive.

Pięćdziesiąta, Stanisław Wejman, 2004
Trzydziesta dziewiąta
Trzydziesta dziewiąta, Stanisław Wejman, 2004