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...of houses and trees

Vernissage: October 28, 11:30
Exhibition: October 28, - December 19, 2012
Artist: Susanne Walter (Bielefeld)

Susanne Walter, born in Bielefeld in 1968, was a pupil in Timm Ulrich's master class at the Academy of Fine Arts Muenster. Since then she has mainly dealt with the theme 'time and its various manifestations'. During this process the artist crosses the most different techniques. She makes prints, objects, installations and does creative work in the field of land-art. In many cases, the 'making-of' of her work is just as important as the result itself, so it is documented by pictures or videos. The exhibition '...of houses and trees' brings in poetry: small paper houses with items that - when taken together - result in a piece of poetry are placed next to 'tree houses' that have roots which indicates ties and stability. In contrast, there are cardboard houses, made from used moving boxes that seem to be standing on stilts, fragile and without support. They appear to be on their way, moving - a symbol of the mobility a great number of people have today.
The tree house as a possibility to retreat is the theme of further works. Some are created in the woods where Susanne Walter builds from wood hiding places and shelters. The construction of these objects is continued by other persons - but they may also be destroyed. So these works are participatory, buildings in the public space and part of our daily life.

Homepage of Susanne Walter

Opening speech of the Vernissage

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