ZiF Art

Borrowings and Signs

Vernissage: January 13, 11:30
Exhibition: January 13 - March 22, 2013
Artist: Anke Schulte-Steinberg (Erkrath)

Photograph: "Stadt im Winter", 2011, in the background "Zickzack gebogen", 2011

Part of the exhibition consists of fluorescent tubes the formations of which are borrowings from mathematics, the other part is composed of paper works arranged along the panorama windows that serve as openings to the outside and show signs abstracted from the sciences, allowing bright daylight to shine in.

Generally, the exhibition is open throughout ZiF's core time (Monday to Thursday 9:00 to 15:30 and Friday 9:00 to 14:00). During workshops there may be additional opening hours. For relevant information, please contact our conference office:

tel. +49 521 106-2768/2769.