ZiF Art

Inattentional Blindness

Vernissage: July 10, 18:00
Exhibition: July 10 - October 25, 2013
Artits: Nicole Schuck (Berlin), Beat Brogle (Berlin, Basel)

Unaufmerksamkeitsblindheit, ZiF-Artist in Residence: Nicole Schuck and Beat Brogle

During the several months of their residency at the ZiF, Beat Brogle and Nicole Schuck (visual artists from Berlin and Basel) will have a focus on seeing/perception/attention in arts and science. These three fields form the basis of artwork. By means of visual realisation of issues, considerations and processes, artists deliberately create extended space for attention. In the context of their work, they use terms such as 'attention' and 'seeing' intuitively and with the greatest of ease. At the moment of reflection a theoretical field presents itself. Both artists are interested in the interaction between artistic and scientific approaches.

From July 10 to October 25, their installation 'inattentional blindness' will be on display at the ZiF.

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