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Techniques to capture vagueness


Vernissage: 9 January, 18:00

Exhibition: 9 January - 28 March 2014

Artist: Sandra Boeschenstein (Zurich)

Bild Ariane Weidemann

o.T. 2013, 33 x 48 cm, oilpastel and oil on paper

Bild Ariane Weidemann

zu welchem Raum gehört dein Viertel m³ im Koffer unterwegs 2013, 33 x 48 cm, oilpastel and oil on paper

Sandra Boeschenstein is particularly interested in system margins and twilight zones, areas that turn the logic of human brainwork silently and permanently upside down. Her drawings show worlds in which everything seems well-arranged, even so nothing is clearer, or rather, which ask how to give shape to something so complex and heterogeneous as the perception of reality.
The drawings are - above all - active approaches to facing directly a complex perception of the world and developing alternatives to a static 'concept of sense', for - according to the artist - intuition, an atmosphere, a situation cannot be reduced to 'sense'.
Sandra Boeschenstein's drawings open intellectual spaces, they create opportunities for thinking and interpretation that are filled in by the observer with reality, visual experiences and expectations in terms of content - without reaching a reliable solution.

Magdalena Holzhey (abstract)
Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

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