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Drawings and Block Print

Vernissage: 7 September, 11:30
Exhibition: 7 September – 28 November 2014
Artist: Harald Priem (Mannheim)

Painting of Harald Priem

Untitled 2011, 148 x 398,5 cm, Tusche on Paper; Exhibition at the Kokerei Hansa, Dortmund 2011

Painting of Harald Priem

2011, Tusche on Paper 41,5x62 cm

Sometimes, places are associated with memories, as if a touch of our thoughts and hopes sticked to things, as if memories, ever so slightly tangible, needed a place where to visit them. Traces of this transitoriness can be found in the ‚Letters to Jim‘. Harald Priem leaves his tracks, sets examples.
An artist is never detached from the circumstances accompanying the creation of his or her piece of art. Priem’s ‚Letters to Jim‘ are basically works on paper, large-format ink drawings, landscapes of easily flowing ink, applied with pens, brushes and objects found somewhere but unrelated to art. Drawing – an activity he trusts – is the source of his oeuvre. The ‚Letters to Jim‘ are created at ‚dead‘ places. He calls them ‚un-places‘ and declares them to be temporary ateliers. Things he happens to find there are conceptual starting points of the transcriptions. The production process is complex and slow: as a form, letters are profoundly anachronistic. It is an anonymous ductus to put objects previously dipped in ink on long, absorbent sheets of paper. The black of the ink absorbs and disperses the light; mass, density and volume of the drawing stand out. Priem’s black is perceived in terms of substance. In a serial order, the forms congeal to abstract signs and sketch a fascinating grid of references on bright paper.

Ricarda Geib, Art Historian, Stuttgart, Juli 2013

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