ZiF Art

Artist in Residence

Residence: April - June 2017
Artist: Sandra Boeschenstein (Zürich, SUI)

The immediacy of drawing is the precondition for the simultaneous traversal and observation of the transitions between perception and thought. These transitions are what I'm after. I work with pictures as primary tools of recognition and knowledge. The aim thereby is not a static sense, but readiness for a twist in the sense. I seek alternatives to the static concept of sense and, in examining the boundaries of what can be examined, stand where the reduction of complexity inherent in every examination loses its footing in the current. Here I can watch the behavior of meaning in delicate and exposed zones. This is a draftsmanlike dealing with situations close beside the relaxing state of causality and the work with the constructing and decaying energies of meanings. I assume the affirmative quality that figurative pictures primarily radiate. And I seek neither functional condensations of information nor nonsense connections, but rather an urgent access to a question that, due to its consistence and size, cannot be directly and once and for all discovered; one can, however, probe its contours.

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The ZiF programme Artist in Residence is intended to encourage the exchange between scholars and artists, mutual productive stimuli are desired.