Öffentliche Veranstaltung am ZiF - Vortrag

"Beginnings of Love"

ZiF: Author's Reading with Michael Kleeberg

Date: March 15, 2005, 19.30h

Michael Kleeberg has given new impulses to German contemporary literature through is narrative talent. In his work, he deals with the different and sometimes difficult relations between individual, society, and history. In doing so, he appears as a very good observer and intimate expert in social affairs. While the subject of his early works was mainly the loss of orientation of his own generation and the difficulties to find their own way and a personal aim to strife for in the mass of possibilities. Hoiwever, Michael Kleeberg is so much more than just the "writer of the single-generation". With his 1998 novel Ein Garten im Norden he created a fascinating piece of historical fiction in which he sketches German history in his very own way and thus evokes another, more human Germany to the reader. Another very interesting facet of his work is the mediation between cultures and literatures. As participant in the project "West-Eastern Divan" he exchanged extensive visits with the Lebanese poet Abbas Beydon for several weeks in 2003 and got to know his land, life, thoughts and literary tradition. "Das Tier, das weint" is the literary outcome of this encounter - a piece of travel literature in which Kleeberg manages to interculturally translate his Lebanese experience.
In his reading at the ZiF, Michael Kleeberg takes up the topic of the Workshop "Facets of Love". With extracts from his works Der König von Korsika, Ein Garten im Norden, and Eine kurze Freundschaft, Kleeberg traces the beginnings of love in their manifold shapes.

Michael Kleeberg was born in 1959 in Stuttgart. He studied politics and visual communication in Hamburg. After extended stays in Rome, Berlin and Amsterdam he moved to Paris in 1986 where he managed an advertising agency until 1994. From 1996 to 2000, he worked as German-French translator in Burgundy and moved to Berlin in 2000. For his literary achievements, he was awarded the Anna-Seghers-Preis in 1996 and the Lion-Feuchtwanger-Preis in 2000.

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