ZiF Public Lecture

Mali - Origins and Development of a Conflict with Global Dimensions

Date: June 4, 19 h
Location: ZiF Longtable
Baz Lecocq (Gent, BEL)

The conflict in Mali shocked the world when it broke out in 2012. How could the presumable most stable democracy of the region collapse and Mali's northern half be occupied by extremists?
This talk explores the historical dimensions of the conflict which has its roots in decolonisation, as well as the regional context which has been over-simplified in public attention due to the looming threat of al Quaida.

Baz Lecocq is professor for African history at Gent University (BEL). His research focuses on contemporary history and politics in Sahel and Sahara, with special attention to Tuareg rebellions and the Hajj.


The talk will be held in English.

Admission is free. Registration is not required

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