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Making Choices III

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Edited by Joachim Frohn, Werner Güth, Hartmut Kliemt, Reinhard Selten

(Homo Oeconomicus XX (2/3))
Munich: Accedo Verlagsgesellschaft 2003, 364 pages, ISBN 3-89265-052-7

Emanating from the ZiF:Research Group 1999/2000 "Making Choices".


  • Max Albert and Ronald A. Heiner: An Indirect-Evolution Approach to Newcomb's Problem
  • Wolfgang Spohn: Dependency Equilibria and the Casual Structure of Decision and Game Situations
  • Siegfried Berninghaus, Werner Güth and Hartmut Kliemt: Reflections on Equilibrium. Ideal Rationality and Analytic Decomposition of Games
  • Hermann Brandstätter, Werner Güth and Hartmut Kliemt: The Bounds of Rationality. Philosophical, Psychological and Economic Aspects of Choice Making

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