Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Adaptivity and Learning

An Interdisciplinary Debate

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Edited by R. Kühn, R. Menzel, W. Menzel, U. Ratsch, M.M. Richter, I.-O. Stamatescu

Berlin: Springer 2003, 403 pages, ISBN 3-540-00091-7

Emanating from the ZiF:AG "Perspectives on Adaptivity and Learning" (September 2000).


  • Introduction by the Editors
  • Part I: Biology and Behaviour of Adaptation and Learning with contributions from M. Giurfa/R. Menzel, G. Falkner/R. Falkner, D.E.J. Linden, R. Menzel.
  • Part II: Physics Approach to Learning - Neural Networks and Statistics with contributions from R. Kühn, W. Kinzel, M. Biehl, M. Opper.
  • Part III: Mathematical Models of Learning with contributions from W. Menzel, F. Cicalese/D. Mundici, B. Hammer, A. Navia-Vázquez/B. Schölkopf, W. Menzel/F. Stephan.

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