Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Perception and Representation of Science in Literature and Fiction-Film

Public Understanding of Science - An International Journal of Research in the Public Dimensions of Science and Technology (Special Issue - Vol. 12, No. 3, July 2003)

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Edited by Peter Weingart and Petra Pansegrau

London: Sage Publications 2003, 120 pages, ISSN 0963-6625

Emanating from the ZiF:Workshop "Perception and Representation of Science in Literature and Fiction Film".


  • Peter Weingart, Petra Pansegrau: Introduction
  • Alexander Görke, Georg Ruhmann: Public Communication between Facts and Fictions
  • Roslynn Haynes: From Alchemy to Artificial Intelligence
  • Ulrich Schnabel: God's Formula and Devil's Contribution
  • David Kirby: Scientists on the Set
  • Peter Weingart, Claudia Muhl, Petra Pansegrau: Of Power Maniacs and Unethical Genius

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