Center for Interdisziplinary Research

The Early Frankfurt School and Religion


Edited by Margarete Kohlenbach and Raymond Geuss

Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2005, 263 pages, ISBN 1-4039-3557-2

Emanating from the ZiF: Workshop Critical Theory and Religion from September 22 - 24, 2003


  • M. Kohlenbach & R. Geuss: Introduction. The Frankfurt School and the Problem of Religion
  • P. Eitler: Max Horkheimer's Supposed 'Religious Conversion'. A Semantic Analysis
  • R. Geuss: On the Usefulness and Uselessness of Religious Illusions
  • P. Fiorato: Emerging 'Orders'. The Contemporary Relevance of Religion and Teaching in Walter Benjamin's Early Thought
  • M. Kohlenbach: Religion, Experience, Politics. On Erich Unger and Walter Benjamin

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