Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Nasca Symposium 2006


Edited by B. Teichert and C. Rust

Dresden: Selbstverlag des Fachbereiches Vermessungswesen/Kartographie der HTW Dresden (FH) 2007, 152 pages, ISSN 1436-0004

Emanating from the ZiF: Workshop of June 21 - 23, 2006.


  • A.M. Cogorno: Destructions and restoration on the Nasca lines
  • A. Cerveny: El Nasca Volador - Flying Nasca
  • J. Born: Maria Reiche and Nasca in the virtual reality
  • K. Schreiber, J.L. Rojas: The water system of the Nasca culture
  • M. Reindel: The geoglyphs of Palpa - an archaeological approach
  • J. W.E. Fassbinder, T. Gorka: Geophysical prospection of the geoglyphs of Palpa and Nasca

  • V. Yep: Music in the Nasca Zone: History and Actuality
  • B. Teichert: Astronomical investigations of the Nasca lines
  • K. Pavelka: Rectification of the petroglyphs with photogrammetrical methods
  • C. Richter: NascaGIS - An application for cultural heritage conservation
  • M. Tellenbach: Potters Wheel in Nasca
  • C. Clados: Painted narratives in Nasca Icnography

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