Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Hybrid Americas

Contacts, Contrasts, and Confluences in New World Literatures and Cultures


Edited by J. Raab and M. Butler

Berlin: LIT Verlag 2008, 395 pages, ISBN 978-3-8258-1427-4

Emanating from the ZiF: Workshop of October 23 - 26, 2002.


  • J. Raab / M. Butler: Introduction: Cultural Hybridity in the Americas
  • I. Formations: Cultural Encounters and Hybrid Identities
  • R. H.-Smith: Living on the River
  • B. Buchenau: Alternate Identities and Creolities in Canadian Literary Discourse
  • W. Raussert: Constructions of Hybrid Identities in African American Literature: The Examples of Gustavus Vassa and James Baldwin
  • C. Berkemeier: 'Frenchising' the South: Anne Rice's Gothic New Orleans

  • M. Porsche: Jeremiah of the Borderlands: Charles Bowden
  • S. Hensel: The Construction of Race in 20th-Century U.S.-Latino History
  • J. Mayr: Mirror Writing: Mexican-American and Turkish-German Mother Tongues
  • T. Christ: Subversive Strategies in Contemporary Latino/a Underground Music
  • G. Vizenor: Mercenary Sovereignty: Casinos, Truth Games, and Native American Liberty
  • II. Perceptions: Images, Stereotypes, and Representations
  • S. Rinke: Imagining the Yankee: Stereotypes, Representations, and Realities in Chile
  • R. P. Montfort: Folkloric Studies and the Forging of National Stereotypes in Latin America, 1920-1970: Four Case Studies
  • R.D. Salvatore: Libraries and the Legibility of Hispanic America: Early Latin American Collections in the United States
  • H. Breinig: The Interdiscursive Creation of Transdifference: Gendered Perceptions of Latin America in U.S. Literature
  • C. E. Rodriguez: Census Realities vs. Media Distortions: U.S. Latinos
  • M. Heide: The History of Chicano Film: Hybridity and Intercultural Exchange as Representational Practices
  • V. Sullivan: Depictions of East-Indian Immigrant Women in Bharati Mukherjee's Mid-Career Fiction
  • III. Transgressions: Cultural Hybridity and Beyond
  • M. Messmer: Toward an Inter-American Literary Historiography?
  • R.Y. Hsu: The Concept of Hybridity in Asian American Literary and Cultural Studies: Towards a Geography of Difference
  • S. Gramley: Hybrid Cultures, Hybrid Languages
  • H. Bus: American Hemispheric Identity Between Ariel and Caliban; or Elsewhere?
  • T. Delaney: The U.S.A. in the Age of Globalization
  • R. Hagenbüchle: Transcending Hybridity - Recovering Difference

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